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Fourpure Brewing Co

Winter Ale - 6.4% ABV

Winter's Coming...


Fourpure are a brewery based in South East London and they have been brewing great beer now since 2013.

They pride themselves in respecting the four core ingredients used to make beer: grain, yeast, hops and water. And this was the actually the inspiration for their name.

We've only reviewed one of their beers to date but it was fantastic (Juicebox). Whilst it was definitely a beer for the Summer months, today's Winter Ale belongs in a much colder part of the year.

A Spicy Rye Ale with a very Malt Forward taste.

Let's check it out...

Northern Latitude Poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

No doubt about it - a beautiful looking beer. A lovely deep Red Ale with a cloudy white head and good carbonation. A picture in its own right, don't Red Ales just look fantastic.

On The Nose:

Very fruity. The smell of peaches and oranges stand out. There's also a noticeable malty, spicy scent lingering in the background.

To Taste:

A malty, spicy concoction with good carbonation and an earthy aftertaste.

Lot's of fruit and nutty spices at the front end and it nearly makes this beer taste a tad vegetable like (strange I know!). It's nice enough, it just has a kind of earthy, herby sort of a flavour to it.

The rye in it adds body and gives it a heavier character than you would expect. The spices and a slight hint of molasses gives this beer a large degree of complexity and it is most certainly very malt forward but with a dry aftertaste.

There's a bit of smokiness to the back end but the dominating flavours are most certainly earthy. It has a 'Real Ale' Character to it but with extra carbonation. Overall, for everything that is going on inside the glass, it doesn't really excite me that much.

A nice enough beer and certainly worth a try but it won't have me stocking up with too many for the winter months to be honest.

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