Dark Arts

Dark Arts - Craft Beer Reviews

Dark Arts

Magic Rock

Surreal Stout - 6% ABV

If you only knew the power of the Dark Side...


To Huddersfield we go again and today we review another beer from the excellent Magic Rock Brewing.

This one is from their core range and is called Dark Arts. It is a 'Surreal Stout'.

At 6% ABV it leans towards the more conservative strength stouts, especially compared to a lot of the 'near Imperial' types that we see in the market place today. This is good however as it lends itself as a sessionable dark beer. Indeed at an hour before closing time this would be the perfect sort of brew to order one or two cans of.

Knowing how good Magic Rock are, I'm looking forward to sampling one of their Stouts.

Time to start pouring.

Dark Arts Poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

Exactly like you would expect a stout to look. Jet black in colour with a good sized, creamy, off-white head that is about one finger in depth and grips nicely to the top of the glass.

On The Nose:

There is a discreet aroma of chocolate with a hint of sweetness, maybe vanilla, in the background.

To Taste:

Lovely and smooth. Very smooth in fact.

The mouthfeel itself is fantastic. It massages the inside of you mouth as you drink and gives you a comfortable 'arm around your shoulder' as you begin to feel the other flavours of the beer coming through.

Lovely treacle and and chocolate flavours take centre stage in this production with the sweeter tastes of wild berries and vanilla starring as best supporting acts.

There is a lingering bitterness to the stout as well from a few of the 5 varieties of roast malts on the malt bill. This gives it that powerful Dark and Bitter Persona perhaps comparable to Darth Vader himself.

If you're looking for something heavy, strong and body warming however, this isn't it.

With an abv of 6%, it's no push over but it's not going to finish your evening off in a blaze of glory either. Rather, this beer leads you towards the later part of the evening but doesn't end it early - no arguments there.

It's, smooth, easy drinking and has some nicely balanced, sweet and bitter tastes throughout.

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