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Cafe Racer

Fierce Beer

Fierce Porter - 6.5% ABV

Pole position or the back of the grid?...


It's Friday, the weekend has arrived and what better way to get it started than with a good beer 🍺

Having sampled many of the brews over the past month, I reckon Fierce Beer is a safe bet for something decent and today's offering has certainly spiked my interest.

It's called Cafe Racer and it is a dark roasted coffee and vanilla Porter. Nothing like a bit of a caffeine hit to begin a session with.

Gentlemen, start your engines...

In The Glass:

From the pour, it is a jet black colour with a reddish off white head that dissipates fairly quickly.

On The Nose:

Big coffee and also vanilla notes that combine nicely to give the beer a confectionary like aroma.

To Taste:

Like an after dinner coffee with a milk chocolate truffle, except much nicer!

The coffee certainly stands out in the aroma but also in the taste. It has that wonderful comforting effect like your first latte of the day and a slight bitterness which works it's magic in the background.

There is a tiny presence of bubbles in the glass but overall, the carbonation in this Porter is pretty low.

In relation to this, the mouthfeel itself is really smooth. It has a milky, lactose consistency and it coats the inside of your mouth before sliding down your throat. Lactose has a really wonderful effect of being able to 'sand paper' the jagged bits from a batch of beer. It's success gives Cafe Racer such a luxurious and silky finished character.

This is added to further with some lovely sweet vanilla tastes, giving the impression that this beer could easily be paired with a dessert (especially something with chocolate or caramel in it). A big slice of Chocolate Gateau and a glass of Coffee and Vanilla Porter to wash it down - mmmmmm.

- and... we're back in the room!

Overall, Cafe Racer is a wonderful blend of bitter and sweet. Coffee and vanilla flavours combine to create a well balanced and delightfully easy drinking Porter.

So, cross the checkered flag, complete your lap of honour, stand on the podium and then crack open a bottle of this to celebrate yet another winning beer from Fierce.

Great stuff 😀🏁🏆

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