Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer - Craft Beer Reviews

Jack Hammer

Brew Dog

IPA - 7.2% ABV

STOP ! ... Hammer Time


It's a new week and what better way to start it than with a hard hitting IPA from our friends at Brewdog.

Today's beer is called Jack Hammer and it comes with a beer warning - It's VERY HOPPY!

With a total of five different hop varieties being used during the brewing process (including three for dry hopping), we have been warned to expect some very bitter flavours along with a bucket load of citrus and tropical tastes.

I'm excited, let's jump right in...

Jack Hammer poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

From the pour, it is a jet black colour with a reddish off white head that dissipates fairly quickly.

On The Nose:

A yellowish golden pale Colour with a white fluffy head. It's a bit murky with a moderate amount of carbonation.

To Taste:

Big Hop Kick but with Tropical and citrus flavours to boot.

It reminds me a lot of Madness IPA by Wild Beer Co (Full Review here).

As you'll know from that review, I'm not a huge fan of over hopped IPA's but I can appreciate the style and a desire for it in the marketplace.

This beer hits you with a dry bitterness from the get go. It leaves the inside of your mouth coated with a dank, dry and clinging bitterness that makes you want to suck your lips inside your face.

At this point I wonder am I going to taste this same tangy and resinous flavour for the rest of the evening. It's relentless!

This should definitely be followed by a glass of water, if you value the taste of your next beer!

At 7.2% it's relatively hard hitting so moderation is the key, especially if you are in the bar. It's called 'Jack Hammer' for a reason!

Whilst it's easy to talk about the Hop Hit and the ABV, as both of them smack you directly in the face, what does it actually taste like?

The answer is, like tropical fruits - Pineapple and mango with a whopper of a grapefruit hit. It's zesty and dry meaning that even though it's bitter as fresh lemon peel, it's also juicy, refreshing and delightfully moreish!

It's hard to beat the lovely fruity flavours from some of the more famous American hops (Citra, Simcoe etc) and this has them in spades making it bitter but also very lush and mouth watering.

In my opinion, are there too many hops in this - probably.

Am I enjoying drinking it? - Yes, very much so.

In fact, it's making me feel a bit like a hop addict. With every mouthful, I crave the next. Needing this massive hop sensory experience to contort my face further and put my taste buds into overdrive.

I could happily drink this potent IPA again when the situation presents itself.

I'm surprised to say - this is a harsh, but very enjoyable beer. 🙂

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