Hibernator Bock

Hibernator Bock - Craft Beer Reviews

Hibernator Bock

Mordue Panda Frog

Bock​ - 6.3% ABV

Bock and Roll...


Today's beer is from the Mordue Brewery which is based in North Shields near Newcastle in England. Mordue Brewery has been brewing for over 20 years now and they've won few awards for their brews along the way.

The beer that we have chosen to review is their Hibernator Bock from their Panda Frog 'Special Edition' range. Bock beers are German by origin and are actually a very malty lager style that are usually only lightly hopped and tend to be a little bit stronger than their pure bred lager and pilsner cousins.

Let's see how it tastes...

Hibernator Bock Poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

A beautiful dark red beer with a fluffy, off colour cream head.

On The Nose:

There is a clear malty caramel aroma that writes the headline with sweet butterscotch notes featuring along side it.

To Taste:

An easily drinkable malty brew.

It has a sweet caramel like flavour mirroring its smell. And whilst it looks and tastes like it should be a heavy beer, the mouthfeel comes across light and relatively smooth. It's a lovely mix of the freshness of a lager and a heavier malty ale.

There is a small wave of bubbles that coat your tongue after each mouthful which help the caramel flavours to hold on after you swallow the beer down. This adds to the light and spritely flavours as well.

There is a delicate hint of hops that piggy back on the malt torso of this beer. This succeeds in giving the brew a slight bitterness at the back end but it is very much a Malt forward beer from start to finish.

Overall it's a good blend of beer varieties and I can see why the bock style is starting to rediscover the popularity it used to command in times gone by.

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