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Electric India


Saison​ - 5.2% ABV

Danger Danger, High Voltage...


Today's review is of a Brewdog Special. Originally released as an Equity Punk Exclusive back in 2013 and it proved such a hit then that they have brewed it in Seasonal batches every year since.

It's known to be a bit of a Hybrid Beer in that it incorporates the qualities of two specific styles. In this case a Belgium Saison along with an all American IPA. A complex yet exciting mix indeed.

This should be good, it's time to turn the power on...

Electric India Poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

Looks fabulous. A light summer yellow colour with a very frothy, thick white head.

On The Nose:

A zesty orange and grapefruit aroma bellows out from beneath the thick foam. There's a floral fragrance that also whispers in the background beckoning you to raise the glass to your mouth. I' don't need to be asked twice, happy to oblige 🍻

To Taste:

What a wonderful mix of styles.

The soured light tangy orange saison combines fantastically with a variety of New World Hops to give a fresh, bitter, smash of citrus and tropical fruits.

Heavy on Orange peel and with big Grapefruit zest. This bitter, sweet brew assaults your palate with a magnitude of sour and citrus flavours before it begins to show a softer and more silky side. Floral notes are evident (most likely from the heather honey) and complete the transformation of the beer into a more delicate and pleasant little number that you could happily savour and enjoy.

The peppery flavours hide in the brew but you can taste them at the back end and the dryness also comes through, making this a supreme thirst quencher and ideal for hot weather. No doubt this is a summer beer but personally, I find it to be a welcome change ahead of a few Stouts during these dark and cold winter months.

Overall this is extremely well balanced and supremely original.

In four words - This beer is electric ⚡️

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