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Imperial IPA​ - 8.5% ABV

An Imperial IPA. Isn't that the same as a DIPA?


So, in front of me today I have a Champion.

Already a recipient of many accolades, winner of numerous beer awards and indeed, arguably, an eater of Worlds. Born in Sweden, I have a bottle of Omnipollo's very own Imperial IPA - Nebuchadnezzar. It's upon an imaginary throne and watches me intently, beaconing me forward to kiss it's regal hand.

This beer is a Beer Geeks benchmark of quality when it comes to strong India Pale Ales and many people would argue that this is one of Europe's finest rivals to some of the Big American DIPA's.

I'm expecting great things from this legendary beer, let's get stuck in...

Nebuchadnezzar Poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

A solid orange colour with lots of murkiness and an ice white head that sits proudly on top before dissipating fairly quickly. To be expected really in such a hoppy beer.

On The Nose:

This smells like hop central as beautiful dank and resinous notes launch themselves intently out of the top of the glass. Lots of orange zest and citrus aromas.

To Taste:

Wonderfully smooth and very juicy.

Big orange flavours with a plenty of zest give this a fun and exciting character. The juiciness comes through in spades and this ups the refreshment factor through the roof.

It's got a large bitter bite as you would predict and this succeeds in giving a subtle dryness to the back end which in turn urges you to pick the glass back up and take another large mouthful of this juice bomb of a beer.

It's impressively smooth and the alcohol is hidden really well. For an 8.5% brew it tastes like half of that, which means that you must urge caution when drinking it because believe me, this goes down very easily!

In summary, this is quite simply a fantastic DIPA and one that Omnipollo (and Europe) can be proud to have flying the flag 🇸🇪

Ps: So, are Imperial IPA's and Double IPA's the same?

Answer - Yes (it just depends where you're from) 😉

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