Punk IPA

Punk IPA - Craft Beer Reviews

Punk IPA

Brew Dog

IPA​ - 5.6% ABV

An Absolute Classic but does the Original Punk still live up to the Hype?


So, welcome to our 'Craft Beer Beginners Week' where we will be reviewing five different Craft Beers that are easily accessible the length and breadth of the country.

Some would refer to them as 'Super Market Beers' but is it fair to mark them down for being found beside the mainstream lagers in Tescos? After all, the point could be made that if they weren't very good then they would never have gained the National or Global popularity that some of them clearly hold.

Today, we start with a bang - certainly in the UK anyway. We are all already accustomed with our friends from Aberdeen - Brewdog.

We have reviewed numerous examples of their beers to date including some absolute gems (Electric India) but this one is by far their best seller. One of their original line up, it sets the tone of what Brewdog as a brewery is all about... Loud, Boisterous and 'In your Face'.

Let's get this bottle opened...

Punk IPA Poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

Quite honestly, this looks like a poster image for a perfectly poured glass of Lager (even though it is an IPA). Instead of some of the 'Murk Bombs' that we've grown to expect in IPA's now, this is well filtered and crystal clear with good carbonation and foamy white head - a picture to behold!

On The Nose:

Big hop aromas. Mainly citrus and pine smells with a touch of mango, pineapple and other tropical flavours. Fruity and delicious.

To Taste:

Is this the 'go to beer' for all craft beer drinkers?

This brew has been responsible for the conversion of many a macro beer drinker to the world of craft. I myself would recommend this personally to anyone who wants to get involved.

Quite simply, it's a great all round hoppy IPA.

With a big citrus and tropical fruit flavoured headline, it has your mouth watering for each mouthful ahead of a bitter bite which immediately snaps at the backend and beckons you back for more.

I could see how the bitterness may be too much for some people. There is a powerful amount of hops casting their spell and it makes for a potent but altogether lovely dry finish. With all of its dominant flavours, Punk IPA maintains a level of freshness (like what you would expect from a bottom fermenting beer) that helps keep the mouthfeel light and dry.

At 5.6% ABV this is low enough to session (just about) or to enjoy a single bottle. It's one of those beers that is versatile enough to be enjoyed on most occasions and could be a staple addition to any night out.

Overall, this is a no nonsense and easily available example of a juicy and bitter IPA.

A high recommendation for beginners.

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