Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Boston Lager

Samuel Adams

Lager - 5% ABV

Probably the most Successful Craft Lager in the World...


A true 'Craft Lager' Trail Blazer was born in Boston by Brewer Jim Koch back in 1984.

Based on his Grandfathers recipe, Jim was determined to brew his Lager to the highest quality and offer it as an exciting alternative to the dull and moderate tasting alternatives that were dominating the market at the time.

After seeing initial success in the marketplace and eventually deciding on the name (it was going to be caller Koch Lager but at the risk of mispronouncing Jim's Surname, the much safer Samuel Adams was born!) the beer soon began to expand into the icon that it is today.

The beer has come on a long way since it's small and artisan beginning. The flavour speaks for itself and has been the trigger for the start of many beer drinker's Craft journey - Including me!

So let's crack this bottle open..

Samuel Adams Poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

A light tea colour, golden brown with a fluffy white head that leaves a nice level of lacing around the top of the glass. A darker colour of Lager than you would expect to see relating to the ample amount of darker caramel malts that are in the brew.

On The Nose:

Beautiful malty caramel and biscuit notes. Not the super freshness of usual Lagers, instead there is a more soothing earthy aroma that begs to be tasted.

To Taste:

A tanned and malty Lager.

The smell comes through on the taste. It's a lovely sweet malty flavours matched up with the light a spritely character of a Lager.

The reason I first loved this beer was because it was so different to the usual. The big, sweet flavours of this brew sooth your soul whilst the spritely essence from the Lager yeast adds a playful vigour.

It is fantastically well balanced and superbly suited to a big session, being under the 5% ABV mark.

There are more exciting beers out there no doubt and many will prefer a lighter, brighter and more bitter Lager, but not me.

The sweeter character goes together really well with the slight hoppy bitterness at the backend making it an incredibly well balanced beer. It's clear to see how it has become so popular.

Quite simply, this is a solid mainstream Craft Lager. Perfect for beginners but can be enjoyed by everyone.

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