Tropical Disease

Tropical Disease - Craft Beer Reviews

Tropical Disease

Nowhere Brewing

IPA - 6.4% ABV

Tropical Disease? I'm not sure how comfortable I would be, ordering a glass of that on holiday!


Today's beer comes from a fairly new brewery who hail all the way from Luxembourg and the Netherlands - Nowhere Brewing.

Whilst they are making some good traction in the Dutch Market, their beers are yet to reach the UK and Ireland so this is a great opportunity to showcase one of their brews.

They have a range of four consisting of a Wheat Ale, a Pale Ale, an IPA and a Porter. For this review I have opted for their IPA (Tropical Disease) and from the description, I'm expecting plenty of Tropical Hop flavours with a bitter sting.

Let's get it on...

Tropical Disease Poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

A dark amber, nearly red coloured beer with a good sturdy white head. It's fairly clear looking with decent carbonation and good lacing along the sides of the glass. So far, so good.

On The Nose:

Wow.! There are lovely, dank, tropical aromas that crash out of the glass. I could actually smell the mango and pineapple notes as soon as the bottle was cracked open, now that it's in the glass, the experience is multiplied.

To Taste:

Yep, this beer tastes great as well.

I was expecting good things going on the sight and smell of the beer and I wasn't disappointed after I swallowed the first gulp down.

Bursting with flavour, this IPA gives out a big piney taste mixed with a tropical fruit medley.

The mouthfeel is dank and sticky and the resinous flavours cling to your tongue just like all good hop forward IPA's should.

The hops themselves are prominent and there is a lovely bitter essence that hang onto the aftertaste. This results in a dryness that coats the throat and urges you to take another mouthful.

Bitter, fruity and bursting with tropical flavours, this is a fine tasting IPA and the jewel in the Nowhere Brewing range - imho.

It may sound like something that could ruin your honeymoon but if you can get hold of a bottle of Tropical Disease then I suggest you do. Put simply, it's a great little beer from Luxembourg 🇱🇺

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*Please note that Nowhere Brewing sent me samples of their beer to try and whilst I am always happy to give my opinions on different brews, scenarios such as this NEVER effect the review or ratings that I give. My pride and passion in life is craft beer and I have always, and will always give my own honest opinions for every beer I taste. That is my promise to you :-)

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