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Hepcat - Gipsy Hill Brewing - Craft Beer Review


Gipsy Hill Brewing

IPA - 4.6% ABV

It's the most Tip Top, Hep Cat...


Happy Valentines Day

I hope you are feeling the love but if not, never fear as we have a another beer review for you right here.

Today's brew comes from London and the chaps at Gipsy Hill Brewery.

Gipsy Hill opened it's doors in 2014 and so can still be classified as a relative newcomer to the scene. Don't let that fool you though, these guys know what they're doing and have already built a name for themselves in both 'The Big Smoke' and further afield.

Known mainly for brewing more sessionable beers (ie: one's under 5% ABV), they have also created some excellent experimental beers that creep above that level.

Our review is a beer called 'Hepcat' and it is a Session IPA.

Let's get stuck in...

Hepcat - Gipsy Hill Brewing - Craft Beer Review

In The Glass:

Golden coloured with nice carbonation and a sturdy white head. It's got good lacing around the glass and a slight murkiness, which is characteristic of it's hoppy style.

On The Nose:

Lovely citrus and tropical fruit aromas. Pineapple, mango, sweet orange and grapefruit combine in a cacophony of delicious smelling notes. Delicious.

To Taste:

Mirroring the aroma there are lots of tropical and citrus flavours flowing throughout this beer.

Along with the fruity orange sweetness there is a lovely bitter bite which crescendos in the aftertaste and nudges you to take another mouthful.

At a sessionable 4.6% ABV you can enjoy plenty of these on a night out. It's perfect for when you want a step up in flavour and hoppiness but don't want to loose your ability to talk at the same time. A problem that many of us can face at the end of a night after drinking "somewhat stronger" IPA's!

For such a nicely hopped beer, the flavours are well balanced so that it doesn't at any point feel like they gone overboard on green additions to the brew. In fact, the beer is incredibly easy drinking and the mouthfeel is surprisingly smooth (likely due to the oats that are in the Malt Bill).

All of the factors above combine to create a nicely balanced and lovely tasting British version of a standard, sweeter, East Coast IPA.

A solid and very enjoyable beer. Perfect for a night in the bar.

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