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New England IPA

Brewdog vs Cloudwater

IPA - 6.8% ABV

Two British Heavyweights, One Iconic Beer Style - Let's Get It On!!...


It's finally happened.

Out of all of the Craft Brewery Collaborations that could occur, this one promises to be great!

Two breweries who are at the top of their game got together at the end of January at Brewdog's Ellon Brewery to attempt to create an altogether more European version of the 'in vogue' style, New England IPA.

Known to be a much sweeter version of IPA to that of it's Sharp and Bitter tasting rival on the West Coast, East Coast or 'Vermont' IPA's are very much in at the moment.

Both breweries are known for their own landmark IPA's (Cloudwater perhaps more so for their Outstanding DIPA's) and this task of beating the Americans at their own game certainly conjures images of a mouthwatering beer - quite literally!

So with out any further ado, it's time to ring the bell and get this contest started...

New England IPA Review - Oh Beer Network

In The Glass:

A yellow to peach coloured 'Murk Bomb' of a brew. Impossible to see through, this looks and pours just like a fruit juice with a lovely thick bubbly white head.

On The Nose:

Strong Tropical Aromas of pineapple and mango ambush your nostrils as this beer jumps out of the glass with a ruthless shout. This smells like one fruity IPA, that's just returned from a few months in the Caribbean!

To Taste:

A wonderfully juicy beast of a beer.

The taste is fab and emulates exactly what we expected in the aroma. There is a lovely mix of tropical and citrus flavours that provide you with a fruity sweetness at the front end.

The mouth feel is smooth and a bit syrupy with enough carbonation to let its presence be felt, delivering extra longevity to the fragrant and resinous flavours.

The backend of this beer showdown is where the action really happens however. Just as you're enjoying the 'Sunkist' tropical experience, in comes the Lupulin bitterness to grab you in a headlock.

The hops are there in force and the dank and bitter essence cling to your tongue, ensuring that you don't forget this beer in a hurry.

This makes for a dry and refreshing beer. Perfect for a summers evening and a brew that will satisfy even the most fussy of beer drinkers.

You can clearly taste the trademark flavours from both Cloudwater and Brewdog within the beer and it feels like both have brought their 'A Game'. All in all, this is a fantastic collaboration.

Whilst it wouldn't be my all time favourite style of beer, there is no doubting that it is a cracking, hop forward and fruity 'East Coast' IPA.

We have a Winner.

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