Breaking through The Wall

Irish Beer Review - Mourne Mountains Brewery - The Wall

The Wall

Mourne Mountains Brewery

Double India Pale Ale - 8% ABV

100 Brews Complete and Mourne Mountains Brewery are only just getting started...


They've done it.

Mourne Mountains Brewery can now officially say that they have brewed a ton of great beers and in celebration of this impressive milestone, the Warrenpoint based Brewers felt that to celebrate, a special beer was in order.

Far from their excellent core range consisting of a Pale Ale, IPA, Wheat Beer, Red Ale and a Pilsner (my personal favourite), this was clearly an opportunity to do something completely different. So, boats having been pushed firmly out and comfort zones being left back inside, this was time to bring something new and exciting to the party. Like a newly elected President - 'The Wall' was firmly at the top of the County Down Brewers manifesto.

The Wall in question is a Double India Pale Ale or 'DIPA' for short. Imagine a standard IPA and then double everything... more malt, more hops and twice as much ABV and you have the makings of a DIPA. Over the past few years the popularity of IPA's within the beer world has been incredible and in turn this has led to the rise of DIPA's as a more hop heavy and flavourful version of the market leading beer type.

Irish Beer Blog - Mourne Mountains Brewery - The Wall

The Wall

Like the colours of dusk on a hot summers evening, 'The Wall' sits hazy and glowing orange with a cloud formation of white foam along the top of the glass. It's clear from the Sunkist colours that there was a lot of malt used to brew this beer and the quickly dissipating head and massive dank and grassy aroma suggests that plenty of hops are in there as well.

The hop flavours are unmistakable to taste. Huge fruity, citrus and piney notes dominate the palate. Bursting with resinous, sticky and dank character, the mouthfeel is surprisingly smooth before developing a prickly bitter personality with a stomach warming finish.

Flavours of caramel form the foundations that this wall was built on and this is evident in the taste. Cryo hops were also clearly used as their strong and robust flavour is clearly present. Cyro hops are essentially highly concentrated and compressed lupulin or hop essence which can be used to amplify the big dank flavours in a beer. For comparisons sake, Cryo hops are to a hop lover, a bit like what a double expresso is to a coffee drinker.

Mourne Mountains Brewery - The Wall - Stockists

A notoriously difficult beer style to create, the DIPA is usually perfected by brewers over many iterations. Seen as a mid to late session brew, this is a beer that is better suited drinking at a leisurely pace and the 8% ABV will let you know if you're going too fast. This is a good version of the style and is certainly an excellent Anniversary brew to celebrate 100 beers from our award winning friends in the Mournes.

If you're looking for something with a bit of a kick and a host of fresh hoppy flavours, then this Wall is definitely one you need to scale.

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NB: If you do want to get your hands on this Special Limited Edition Beer then you better be quick as there are only 1000 cans available.

- For all of our Northern Ireland based readers, check out the image above to find your nearest stockist.

If you live further afield then I would suggest that you contact the brewery directly for stockist enquiries.

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