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Eskimo Joe

Fierce Beer

A Fierce Pale Ale - 5.5% ABV

Oh Baby, it's cold outside...


Another day, another Fierce Beer Review 🙂

This Brewery needs no introduction. We have reviewed their beers on numerous occasions to date and each time have been suitably impressed.

As a core beer in their range and straight from the Dark and Northern Kingdom of Aberdeenshire comes 'Eskimo Joe', a cold pressed Coffee and Vanilla Pale Ale.

The cold pressed coffee means that this brew shouldn't have that bitter flavour you would expect from an expresso and being mixed with vanilla, should contain an altogether sweet and smoother taste.

Let's see what we think...

Eskimo Joe Poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

A lovely shade of dark orange with a generous frothy white head that clings nicely to the top of the glass.

On The Nose:

Definitely coffee throughout. A big smell of Expresso controls this brew but with the sweet fragrance of vanilla gently combining to give a lovely confectionary like scent, almost like chocolate.

To Taste:

A nice light blend of dominant flavours.

Following the olfactory invasion of big, boisterous hits of coffee and vanilla, this beer tastes surprisingly light and well toned.

It's as smooth as they come and whilst you can certainly taste coffee and vanilla within each mouthful, it doesn't jump out and slap you round the face like you might assume.

This is a Pale Ale after all and with 5.5% ABV, we really shouldn't be expecting a overriding blast of flavours like you may experience in a stronger, darker beer. For that reason, consider this a hat tip to the brewers as this has been balanced perfectly.

The mouthfeel is soft and there's a delicate dealing of bubbles that caress your tongue as the beer disappears. The aftertaste is simply delicious, just like having coffee and cake.

All round, this is a lovely beer but I find that my only question mark is knowing when to drink it?

The strength means it's borderline sessionable meaning you could have a few of them during an evening out. But it contains a diverse array of flavours by which to follow a lighter Pilsner/ Lager or certainly ahead of tucking into a more hoppy Pale Ale or IPA.

On the other extreme, it's feels a bit light to drink with the heavier and darker Porters and Stouts as well.

Perhaps, it's ideal home is somewhere in the middle. Something to proceed a Red/ Brown Ale. A matinee ahead of an deeper, more malty brew.

Anyway, it takes nothing away from the taste and yet again, it's another winner from the boys at Fierce. Without a doubt one of our favourite breweries of 2016 and definitely one to watch in this coming year.

Eskimo Joe can come in from the cold, this beer is an easy drinking, Barista's wet dream of a Pale Ale.

Cheers 🍻

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